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Construction work in Qatar is usually carried out during the daytime. This is usually done to prevent any kind of on-site accident. However, there is a way to prevent such accidents even when working at night, that is, by using tower lights. These tower lights provide optimum illumination so that on-site accidents can be prevented and the work can carry on uninterrupted. Both fixed and portable tower lights are used in Qatar. You too can do this by contacting a tower light rental in Qatar. 

However, before doing this, you need to be aware of the different locations where setting up a tower light can be most efficient. Here are three of the best locations where your workers can install light towers in Qatar. 

  1. In an open area

Obviously, one of the best places to set up a tower light in your construction site is in some open area. The length of the average tower light is above 40 feet. Hence, you will have to ensure that your rented light tower is installed in an area where there is a top clearance of at least 40 feet. Otherwise, you may not be able to erect your tower light to its maximum height. This can hamper the intensity of illumination, thereby leading to a risk of accidents on the site. Moreover, you should also take care that the light fixtures on the light tower face the ground at about a 30-degree angle. This will ensure the best possible illumination for your work site. 

  1. Avoid crossing paths

Wherever you decide to place your light tower, you should always adjust the angle of the light bulbs. Since these light towers in Qatar are one of the few safety nets for accidents on the site, they should be positioned strategically. You should ensure that the light towers do not cross each other’s path of illumination. This will create unwanted non-illuminated zones where accidents may occur at night. This means you will have to carefully plan the position of these towers and the angle of their lights so that no shadows are cast on the work site. This is usually easier said than done. Hence, you may need to rely on an expert tower light rental in Qatar like Jarjour Rental Machinery. 

  1. On firm and stable ground

Moreover, it is important to place your light towers on firm ground. Most light towers offered by renowned rental companies like Jarjour Rental Machinery are portable. This means they come with a set of wheels attached to the engine that powers the lights. So, you will need to be extra cautious about placing them. While this is not a major concern for tripod-style mobile light towers, it is a point of caution for mobile light towers with wheels. You need to ensure that the ground on which you are placing these light towers is firm and solid. You should also check whether this ground has a slope. If so, your mobile light tower could roll away and cause unforeseen accidents on the work site. 

Final Thoughts

Once you have decided where to place your tower lights, it is time to consider whom to rent tower lights from. If you are looking to hire and rent lighting towers in Qatar, then you should consider Jarjour Rental Machinery. At Jarjour, you will find tower lights of various sizes and capacities. Hence, you will be able to choose which dimension suits your needs best. Moreover, Jarjour can assist you in the strategic placement of these lights. 

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