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And how to avoid them.

Hosting events like weddings, private parties, exhibitions, etc. usually have one problem in common – finding a venue. Event organisers often resort to renting a tent to solve this problem. With a tent, you do not need to worry about venue space because you can rent as many tents as required based on your number of attendees. However, even though this may be the best solution, it has its fair share of problems. Many things can go wrong when renting a tent. 

If you are planning on renting a tent for your events, this list of 5 things that can go wrong should help you plan better.

Strong winds are your enemy

The most obvious problem when renting a tent is tackling a windy day. If you have planned to host an event at an exotic desert location, beware of strong desert winds. You should always check the weather forecast before choosing a location to set up your tents. A sandstorm can not only leave your tent dilapidated but also put an end to your event. 

In Anticipation of Precipitation?

Precipitation aka rain may not seem like the first problem you can experience when renting a tent. But it is as problematic as strong winds. Be sure to check the weather forecast for medium to heavy showers. This is because if you have staked your tent on soft soil, then rains can further soften this soil causing your tent stakes to sink into the soil. This will lead to pockets of water forming on the tent’s roof. The accrued weight of this can cause your tent to collapse. 

Avoid shocking surprises 

While most tent rental dealers like Jarjour Rental Machinery are full service, some event organisers may want to set up the rented tents themselves. This is a tedious task that needs to be done with utmost care and caution. As an event organiser, you need to look out for electrical wires when staking the tent. Leaving electrical wires tangled with the guy lines of the tent can often lead to a disaster. Wires could break under tension which could potentially ruin the entire event at the very least.

Inspect every inch

If you opt for the cheapest tent rental, odds are that you would get an old tent that has been used umpteen number of times. Nevertheless, if you prefer to have an event within a tight budget, you should repeatedly inspect the tent you are renting. This is because partially tattered tents can have torn edges or even holes that can expose your guests to the natural elements. To avoid dissatisfying your guests, it is safer to carefully inspect the tent before renting it from the dealer. 

Read every word

Finally, one of the lesser known problems with renting a tent is the conspicuous terms of a rental contract. Renowned rental companies like Jarjour Rental Machinery are transparent and honest in their tent rental contracts. But some others may have hidden terms and conditions. Make sure to read every word on your tent rental contract to avoid any problems when renting a tent for your events.

Looking Ahead

Now that you know about 5 things that can go wrong when renting a tent, you should rely on only the best dealer. Whether it is a wedding tent, party tent, or TFS curved tent, Jarjour Rental Machinery, can help you set up your tent anywhere in Qatar.

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