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6 Things To Consider Before You Plan An Outdoor Event.

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Outdoor events are fun to plan. Not only are you surrounded by nature’s bounty, but you also have umpteen decorative ideas that you can implement. Also, since outdoor events are more spaced out, you can have different themes for different areas of the venue. Unlike indoor events that have limited space and are constrained within four walls. Having said that, planning outdoor events requires more organization and groundwork. It requires careful forethought and meticulous execution. A small hiccup can lead to catastrophic failure of the entire event. Through this article, we have tried to throw light on some of the things you must consider before planning outdoor events. 

Weather forecasts are important.

Do not ignore weather forecasts. You can easily obtain satellite images and forecasts for the week through the internet. Even if there is a slight possibility of rain, do not take the chance. Your entire event will be ruined even if there is a light shower for a few minutes. 

Consider the contour of the land.

If you are hosting your outdoor event in an already existing facility, then you need not worry much. However, if you wish to host an outdoor event in a new area, you might want to consider many factors including the level of the ground. If the ground is uneven then it may be tough for guests to walk, or vehicles to pass. You might want to consider leveling out the ground before the grand event. 

Use tent for outdoor events.

Although you are planning an outdoor event, there is always a need for a shaded area. Most dining areas are covered or shaded with temporary tent installations. Tents also make an outdoor event look more inviting. It is always better to contact professionals for the installation of tents. Jarjour Rental Machinery, known as one of the best companies in Qatar for tents on hire, will provide you with the best tent options for your event. 


Outdoor events require great planning when it comes to logistics. When we talk of logistics it includes parking lots, lighting, sound systems and other key factors that contribute to making an event successful. Remember to consider water supply, power back up and wiring and cables while planning your event. You can outsource these arrangements to professionals. However, remember to follow up with the resource person to avoid any last-minute confusion. 

Power Backup

Power backup for an outdoor event is always a must. As outdoor spaces are large and in the open, you will need a power source for your lighting arrangements and other electrical fittings around the venue. Renting generators for your outdoor event is a necessity. Generator rental companies, like Jarjour Rental Machinery will ensure that you have one thing less to worry about while planning your outdoor event.

Licenses and Permissions

Outdoor events may be hosted in parks, lawns or public spaces. Remember to always take necessary permits before planning to host the outdoor event. With outdoor events, sound is more audible than when hosted indoors. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain the required permits especially when it comes to timings, sound and lighting arrangements at the venue.

Spare a thought for waste disposal

Outdoor events can get very messy if you have not spared a thought for waste disposal, especially in dining areas with used plates and cups. Make sure you make proper arrangements for the collection and disposal of waste during and after the event

Portable Toilets

Besides waste disposal, you should also plan for facilities that are needed to answer nature’s call. Outdoor events in Qatar can sometimes stretch for long hours. During this time, it is inevitable that your guests or event attendees would need to use the restroom. This is where portable toilets come in. Portable toilets or Ablution units come in 3 types – Individual Chemical Ablution units, Ladies and Gents Ablution units, and VIP Ablution units. Hire portable toilets from Jarjour Rental Machinery, which is a reputed firm in Qatar, you can find all three types. It is advisable to rent such ablution units based on your requirement to ensure that all the needs of your guests are taken care of.

First-Aid Kit

While you may have mitigated all risks and potential dangers facing your guests in an outdoor event, accidents may still occur. For such unfortunate scenarios, it is important to have a first-aid unit or even, for larger events, an entire infirmary tent. If your event attracts a massive crowd, the chances of some sustaining mild injuries can increase. Hence, with an on-site first-aid kit or even an infirmary tent, you can ensure all your guests and their injuries are tended to. In addition to that, larger events require that you even have on-site paramedics or even a doctor present to tend to guests who need immediate care.

Fences, Hoarding, and Crowd Barriers

For much larger outdoor events in Qatar, it is essential that you have efficient crowd management. If you are planning to conduct large-scale events that feature international celebrities, it is understandable that you may have to deal with an unruly audience. To ensure that no unwanted incident takes place, you should rely on fences and crowd barriers. While you can guide crowds to their designated locations with the help of hoardings, it is also necessary to physically restrict them from certain areas for the safety of all present. To rent such metal fencing and crowd barriers, you can easily rely on Jarjour Rental Machinery, one of the most well-known vendors in Qatar.

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