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Special events have always been a feather in the cap of Qatari culture. Whether it is the seasonal Ramadan celebrations hosted by your local supermarket or a private gathering of friends and family – these special events tend to attract large crowds. In some cases, the crowds may not fit inside fully-walled tents (all 4 sides). Therefore, a marquee tent or even a curved tent may be the best option. 

What are Marquee Tents?

Marquee tents are essentially a mixture of pole tents and frame tents. This means, they can be decorative and visually appealing like a pole tent. On the other hand, they can be easy to install like a frame tent. Being the best of both worlds, marquee tents in Qatar are usually the most desirable option when it comes to large gatherings of people.

What are Curved Tents?

This type of tent originates from the standard A-frame clear-span tent. This new creative design of the A-tent is built in a way that can house a massive crowd of people for any type of special event. Hence, curved tents in Qatar are generally used for exhibitions, trade fairs, and even private events where attendance is higher than usual.

Marquee Tents for Special Events

Due to the advantages of these tents over curved tents and any other type of four-walled tents, marquee tents in Qatar are frequently used for special events. However, these types of tents have several other benefits that can make a real difference in your special events.

  • Sufficient Protection

Although marquee tents in Qatar usually come with only 3 walls, they are enough to protect the attendees from the elements of the weather. Whether faced with rain, sunshine, or even strong winds, marquee tents manage to serve their primary purpose quite well. 

  • Good Flexibility

Marquee tents in Qatar, adapted to any type of event Qatar. Marquee tents in Qatar are used for private Wedding, Tents holiday getaways, large commercial events, or even popular ceremonial events. This is because they are flexible and adaptable enough to be erected on any kind of flat surface.

  • Appealing Aesthetics

Moreover, marquee tents are known for their appealing designs and creative frames. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colour combinations. Although the white marquee tent with black, grey, or gold accents may be the most common style, there are several others that you can choose to experiment with for your special events.

  • Cost Effective

Apart from this, marquee tents in Qatar are also easy on the pocket. If you do not wish to spend large sums of money on curved tents in Qatar, then marquee tents are a more affordable option. What’s more, they can serve the same purpose, if not more.

  • Spatial Planning

Marquee tents in Qatar are so decorative that you can hire more than one for your event simply to decorate the entire area. While some designs may resemble bedouin settlements, they also add an old-world charm to your special events in Qatar.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to accommodating a higher number of attendees, marquee tents take the cake. Unlike curved tents in Qatar, marquee tents usually have only 3 walls. This means you will be able to have a larger point of entry and exit. If you wish to rent such marquee tents in Qatar and avail of these benefits, then Jarjour Rental Machinery is your best choice. With Jarjour, you not only get high-quality marquee tents, but also an unparalleled level of customer service.

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