Why Rent a Commercial Generator?

The need for a continuous flow of power is undeniable. A power outage, even for a few minutes, can lead to catastrophic losses in any business. Power is required to run machinery, light up venues, manage sound and lighting for events and much more. A disruption in power can render the machinery capable of performing and thus leads to a break in production. Power cuts can darken important venues and events. Therefore, the need for an uninterrupted power supply is undeniable. 

Renting or hiring commercial generators from one of the leading machinery rental companies like Jarjour Machinery Rental can be the best solution. 

As compared to a small portable UPS, renting of commercial generators is a more viable option. While UPS provides electricity for small power points, commercial generators provide power for entire venues and industries. 

When to Rent a Commercial Generator?

Uninterrupted production

Renting a commercial generator for your business can be the best option if you want to keep production in full motion. Almost every manufacturing industry requires the use of power to run machinery, factory lighting etc. However, many times industries are faced with frequent power outages and power cuts throughout the day. These power cuts may be planned or sudden. Such situations lead to disruption and delay in production which invariably results in losses to the business. 

Also, many times, big production companies may have to cut power supply in order to upgrade the equipment and machinery. During this period, the company can run on commercial generators and thereby avoid complete stoppage of production. 

Remote Areas

Many industries and homes are located in remote or interior areas where power might not be easily available. Areas like hilly regions, forest areas may be prone to frequent power disruption due to the high speed of winds or falling trees. These areas are more likely to find the need for hiring or renting commercial generators. 

Planned Power Cuts

Due to the worldwide power shortage, many governments stipulate scheduled power cuts in order to save resources. These power cuts, although planned, can still lead to disruption in production and inconvenience in homes. Hiring commercial generators from one of the top machinery rental companies in Qatar can eliminate this inconvenience to homes and businesses. 

Successful Events

Another reason why you must rent commercial generators is to ensure the success of planned events. Events like weddings, exhibitions, corporate gatherings, musical shows, sports tournaments etc require electrical fittings and sound systems among other equipment that run on electricity. The success of the event depends on the smooth operation of all these factors put together. An unscheduled power cut or an unfortunate mishap may lead to a power failure. The meticulously planned event may be rendered a failure because of the power outage. Hiring commercial generators would serve as a backup in case of power failures at events.

Different Types of Generators | How to Choose the Right One

The market is flooded with different types of generators. All these generators claim to do “the” job. However, different types are designed to suit various purposes. The tough part is choosing which kind of generator will suit your requirements.

Through this article, we have listed out the various generators for hire in Qatar and their uses. A thorough read of this article can give you an idea of what generator type you must choose.

Diesel Generators

Diesel engines have proven to be efficient and cost-effective. The working mechanisms of diesel engines allow more energy to be extracted. They are meant to supply power during power outages. The size of generators depends on the power output produced which is measured in KVA

  • 100 KVA Generators
  • 380 KVA Sound proof Diesel Generators
  • 400 KVA DG Sets
  • 1500 KVA Genset
  • 600 KVA Generators
  • 2000W Generators

Diesel generators are used for large as well as small establishments such as commercial complexes, residential homes and industries.

Electric Generators

These generators convert mechanical energy into electric energy. There are two different types of electric generators based on the type of electric energy

  • AC generators
  • DC generators 

Electric generators are used for small household needs at construction sites. They are immensely energy-efficient as fuel consumption is low. They are also used in laboratories and other specific commercial needs because they provide a range of voltage outputs. 

At Jarjour Machinery Rental we offer different types of generators for various purposes. Our team of experts has the knowledge and proficiency to suggest the right kind of generator for hire in Qatar. 

These top generator brands provide various generator types to suit your needs.

  • Volvo Penta 
  • Cummins 
  • Perkins
  • Scania

Jarjour Machinery Rentals is regarded as one of the best generator rental companies in Qatar. With a wide range of generator options, we offer the best solutions for generators for hire in Qatar.