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Jarjour Rental Machinery

Majlis Tent-Showcasing Arab Culture Hospitality

Majlis tent is a traditional Arab-style tent that is commonly used for gatherings and meetings in the Middle East region. This type of tent is often used to showcase Arab culture and hospitality, as it is a symbol of hospitality and graciousness towards visitors and guests. The word “Majlis” is derived from the Arabic language, […]

Can adding a marquee tent to your special events make a difference

– Let’s Find Out Special events have always been a feather in the cap of Qatari culture. Whether it is the seasonal Ramadan celebrations hosted by your local supermarket or a private gathering of friends and family – these special events tend to attract large crowds. In some cases, the crowds may not fit inside […]

3 Locations where using tower light is beneficial-Jarjour Rental

Construction work in Qatar is usually carried out during the daytime. This is usually done to prevent any kind of on-site accident. However, there is a way to prevent such accidents even when working at night, that is, by using tower lights. These tower lights provide optimum illumination so that on-site accidents can be prevented […]

Renting a Luxury Tent – 6 Things to Remember

Renting a Luxury Tent – 6 Things to Remember The practice of going camping with luxury tents has recently caught up in Qatar. In most other countries, this activity is often referred to as glamping. It involves renting a luxury tent and escaping into the wilderness with your family and/or friends for the weekend. If […]