Different Types of Tents

Over the years, tents have undergone a radical change. Whether it is style, fabric, purpose or ease of pitching, the range and types of tents are innumerable. 

The Different Types Of Tents Are Classified Based On Their Purpose. 

Vertical Tent

Vertical tents are called so, because of their almost vertical side walls. These tents provide more head space and are used in camps.

Dome Shaped Tents

Shaped like an igloo, the dome shaped tents are popular among campers. They are easy to install and are light loads for backpackers. 

Tunnel Tent

Shaped like a tunnel, these tents are usually seen being used by the army. They provide ample living space and are erected through several flexible poles. 

A-Frame Tents

A-frame tents are shaped like the alphabet A and hence the name. They are usually supported by 5 poles and have a rectangular base. A-frame tents offer low roofing and are mainly meant for sleeping. 

Pop Up Tents

A latest addition in the different ranges of tents is the pop-up tents. Easy to install because of the instant spring action, pop up tents are light and not suitable for harsh weather conditions. Their popularity lies in its ease of installation. 

Geodesic And Non-Geodesic Tents

An improvised version of the dome tents, the geodesic and non-geodesic tents have multiple poles forming geometric designs to form the tent. The multiple poles give it more stability than a dome shaped tent and hence can withstand harsh conditions. 

Suspended Tents

Completely opposite to ground tents, the suspended tents are usually erected from trees and hang downwards. These tents can be used only if campers or users are sure there are trees around to erect them. At Jarjour, one of the leading tent manufacturers in Qatar, we have a wide range of tents for every occasion. 

Inflatable Tents

The inflatable tents, unlike steel pole erected tents, use air filled poles to support the tents. These tents usually come with air pumps to inflate the poles and erect the tent. They are easy to install and are popular amongst campers. 

Car Roof Tents

These types of tents are increasingly popular amongst people who go for long road trips. They are erected on top of the car roof on roof bars that act as the base of the tent. The tents come with a long ladder that allows users to access the tent from the ground. 

Trailer Tents

Cheaper than caravans, the trailer tents are attached to cars or vans while traveling on the road. They serve the same purpose as caravans and are often preferred by campers during long drives or cross countries. 

Canopy Tents

Usually noticed at carnivals or circus events, the canopy type of tents is easy to install and provide space and shade for events. Most of these tents are used to add aesthetic beauty to a venue.

How to Keep Tents Cool in Summer

Tents are a popular option for hosting events like weddings, exhibitions, corporate events or other social events. Apart from being an aesthetic visual treat, tents are convenient to assemble. Many hosts prefer tents as a viable alternative to halls, auditoriums and conference rooms.

The question now arises- how can you beat the heat in a tent on a hot summer’s day? The sultry mid noon heat can be draining and exhausting. Keeping your tent cool even during this period, can be quite an advantage to your business.

Let’s look at some of the ways to keep a tent cool during the summer season.

Choose the Right Material

The first and foremost factor to consider is the type of material, colour and design of the tent. Be sure to choose light coloured tents that would reflect more heat during the day. Also, tents with large and open doorways can prove to be a great source of ventilation inside the tent. At Jarjour, one of the leading tent suppliers in Qatar, we offer a wide range of tent choices to customers. We highly recommend the canopy style tent for the highest ventilation and cooler effects.

Portable Coolers

Placing portable electric coolers inside the tent is one of the best ways to beat the heat in summer. Portable coolers use the evaporation of water to cool the surroundings


Fitting stand or ceiling fans inside tents can make the tents cooler to a great extent. Fans circulate the air around the rotating blades thereby creating a cool breeze.

Air Conditioners

The inside of tents can be made cooler by fitting air conditioners.

Water Sprinkler System

Many fans are now fitted with water sprinkle systems that spray small droplets of water every now and then. These water droplets not only cool the atmosphere but also gives a refreshing feeling.

Apart from these special types of fans, sprinklers can be placed around the outside of the tent to keep the surface of the tent cool. This cooled tent surface prevents the inside of the tent from heating up.

Water Pools

Another great idea to keep the heat away, especially while using a tent for kid’s parties, is to place portable water pools inside the tent for a little splash every now and then.

Keep Your Cool

All these great ideas to keep your tent cool will not work until you keep your cool too. So, leave the tent logistics to Jarjour machinery rental, while you keep your cool.

What to consider before renting a tent in Qatar?

Tent installations for corporate or private get-togethers enhance the look and prestige of the gatherings. The venue is more appealing when you choose the right type of tent to suit the occasion.

So, how do you choose tents for rent in Qatar that will best suit your requirement? Below, we have enumerated many factors to consider before you consider renting a tent.


The first thing to consider before renting a tent is the type of occasion you want the tent installation for. You must consider if the occasion is formal, semi-formal or for a social get together. The type of occasion will directly have an impact on the type of tent you select.

Tent suppliers in Qatar have different types of tents based on shape, size, material and colour. For example, majlis tents have been a unique part of the Arabs and are mainly used for social gatherings and to give a native look at restaurants and hotels.


Another key factor to consider before tent rental in Qatar is the location of your event. Every location will have its own limitations and constraints. It is necessary to inform your tent supplier in advance about the location. This will enable your tent supplier to suggest the best tent for that location.

Informing your tent supplier of the location also gives information about the terrain of the place. The terrain may be uneven or have soft soil. Your tent supplier will be well prepared, in advance, while installing your tent.

Size of Gathering

The size of your gathering will affect your tent rental in Qatar. Remember to keep in mind buffet arrangements and stage requirements while considering the size of your gathering and tent.


Weather plays an important role while deciding on tent rental. It is a good idea to consider erecting a strong tent that can withstand adverse weather conditions. For example, TFT curved tents are gaining popularity because of their strong and durable features. These tents are used in locations that are prone to strong winds and rain. These tents are easy to erect and dismantle.

The Reputation of Tent Supplier

One of the most important factors to consider before hiring tents for rent is choosing the best tent suppliers in Qatar. While assessing tent suppliers, look for:

  • Experience
  • Responsiveness
  • Services offered
  • Price quotes
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Other company policies

Jarjour machinery rental is considered as one of the top tent rental companies in Qatar. For all tent supply and installation work contact us.

Tips for Tent Camping in Qatar

The word camping itself is exciting and thrilling. The thought of spending a night or two under a tent, amidst nature can be an exhilarating experience. A change from the bustling city life for many. 

To make your camping experience a memorable one, it is necessary to ensure a hassle-free tenting installation in Qatar. Below we have detailed a few points that can help you experience an exhilarating camping trip. 

Read Instructions Carefully

Before opening out your tent, it is advisable to read the instructions carefully. Reading instructions beforehand gives you a head start when it comes to setting up the tent. You do not want to fall into a situation where you have to undo a step because you forgot to follow an important instruction. Tent installation in Qatar can be made easy and smooth just by following simple instructions. 

Practice Makes Man Perfect

As the saying goes “Practice makes man perfect,” you can practice setting up your tent at home before trying it out for the first time at the campsite. However, make sure you pack it up well without leaving out an essential part or accessory. 

Practicing to set up your tent before the actual camping trip, saves your time at the campsite. With this practice, you will be a pro in installation of tents.

Browse the Campsite Location on The Internet

With technology so advanced, you can actually have a 3D vision of your campsite much before you visit the place. Although, you might consider viewing the campsite online, a big spoiler for your trip, it may be a good idea to view it, to check the terrain of the campsite and what kind of skills you will need to use to install the tent. 

Making the Tent Your Portable Home

Camping can be a wonderful experience, especially if you are well prepared. Making your tent a portable home with all the essentials is one of the best ways to make your tent experience enjoyable. What you consider as part of the essentials would be solely at your discretion. It could include pre packed meals, toilet rolls, bed padding or a torch. Our advice is to travel with essentials but travel light. 

Mother Nature May Change Her Mind

The weather conditions seem perfect for your tent installation. However, never be too sure of mother nature’s temperament. Always pack waterproofing material for yourself and your tent at all times. 

Also, while setting up your tent make sure you install the doorway of the tent away from the wind direction. This prevents extra pressure on the poles of the tent

Pack it up the right way

To ensure the best camping trip ever, it is essential to pack up well from the site. Tent folding can be a laborious process if you do not follow the dismantling and folding instructions. Remember to follow tent dismantling instructions just as well as you followed the installation process. 

Leaving campsites clean and neat is an essential part of camping. Cleaning up waste and litter from the site is your contribution to the environment. A clean environment is a happy place.