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How to Keep Tents Cool in Summer

Tents are a popular option for hosting events like weddings, exhibitions, corporate events or other social events. Apart from being an aesthetic visual treat, tents are convenient to assemble. Many hosts prefer tents as a viable alternative to halls, auditoriums and conference rooms. The question now arises- how can you beat the heat in a […]

What to consider before renting a tent in Qatar?

Tent installations for corporate or private get-togethers enhance the look and prestige of the gatherings. The venue is more appealing when you choose the right type of tent to suit the occasion. So, how do you choose tents for rent in Qatar that will best suit your requirement? Below, we have enumerated many factors to […]

Tips for Tent Camping in Qatar

The word camping itself is exciting and thrilling. The thought of spending a night or two under a tent, amidst nature can be an exhilarating experience. A change from the bustling city life for many.  To make your camping experience a memorable one, it is necessary to ensure a hassle-free tenting installation in Qatar. Below […]

Different Types of Tents

Over the years, tents have undergone a radical change. Whether it is style, fabric, purpose or ease of pitching, the range and types of tents are innumerable.  In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Qatar accommodation tents. Tents offer a unique and authentic experience that cannot be found in a hotel. Hence, […]

Your Accommodation tents- Jarjour Rental Qatar

What is Accommodation tents? Accommodation tents are a type of temporary shelter that can be used for a variety of purposes, including camping, disaster relief, military operations, and outdoor events. These tents are designed to be lightweight, portable, and easy to set up, making them an ideal option for situations where a permanent structure is […]

Tips to Maintain Your Tent

Tents are an essential component of outdoor events, camping trips, and emergencies. Whether you own a tent for personal use or you are in the business of providing tent rental services in Qatar, it is crucial to know how to maintain your tent to ensure its longevity and performance. Different types of tents are available […]

Benefits of Warehouse Tents in the Service Industry

Warehouse tents have now become an industry standard because of the exemplary benefits they offer. These tents are made of a variety of materials like polyester, cotton, polycotton, or even nylon or rayon fabric. Hence, such portable tents are used in different industries across Qatar. The most common usage of such industrial tents is, however, […]

Learn How to Choose the Best Dome Tent Fabric – Jarjour Rental Edition

Dome tents have become the latest trend when it comes to both private camping holidays as well as large public events. The geodesic dome tent has become so popular because it is easy to set up, requires very little surface area and most of all looks amazing. If you plan to host your next event […]

5 Things That Can Go Wrong When Renting A Tent

And how to avoid them. Hosting events like weddings, private parties, exhibitions, etc. usually have one problem in common – finding a venue. Event organisers often resort to renting a tent to solve this problem. With a tent, you do not need to worry about venue space because you can rent as many tents as […]

What You’ll Need To Set Up An Outdoor Event?

Setting up a special event can be difficult if you do not have the right equipment at your disposal. This is all the more true when you set up outdoor events. Outdoor events have a large degree of risk because of many uncontrollable factors. For example, unpredictable weather conditions, equipment failures, unplanned attendance, etc. However, […]