Learn How to Choose the Best Dome Tent Fabric – Jarjour Rental Edition

Dome tents have become the latest trend when it comes to both private camping holidays as well as large public events. The geodesic dome tent has become so popular because it is easy to set up, requires very little surface area and most of all looks amazing. If you plan to host your next event or family camping holiday using a dome tent, then you should choose a good tent supplier in Qatar. While choosing a tent supplier, you should also familiarise yourself with the different types of dome tent fabrics. 

  1. Cotton or Canvas

While it is the most common material used to make dome tents, it may not be the most reliable under all circumstances. One of the benefits of cotton tents is that they regulate temperature quite well. It can keep you warm during winter and leave the tent airy during summer. However, cotton is not a very waterproof material. Without natural or forced weathering, you may very well get soaking wet inside a cotton tent when it rains. 

  1. PVC-Coated

One alternative to plain cotton or canvas tents is to have this cotton fabric coated with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). PVC is a man-made fabric that has water-resistant properties. Since regular cotton or canvas tents can often leak in case of a heavy downpour, PVC-coated canvas is a good option. Due to being coated, they may form condensation externally, but this should not affect the internal conditions. 

  1. Polyester Cotton

On the other hand, polyester cotton is sometimes known as a fabric that provides the best of both worlds. With this type of fabric, you get both durability and strength. Although most of these tents do not need it, manufacturers often provide an additional polyester coating over the base polyester cotton blend layer. Another benefit of this type of dome tent fabric is that it is usually more pocket-friendly than others. 

  1. Plain Polyester

Plain polyester is a versatile fabric when it comes to dome tents. Tent suppliers in Qatar usually have a whole range of differently coated polyester fabric dome tents. Since it is also highly affordable, it has become a popular fabric for tents in Qatar. One advantage this fabric has over cotton/canvas and polyester-cotton fabric is that it does not get heavier upon becoming wet in the rain. Moreover, this fabric also does a good job of dissipating heat.

  1. Simply Nylon

Last but not least, nylon tents are famous for being the most affordable fabric for dome tents on the market. Besides, they are among the most lightweight fabrics. This ensures that you can easily fold down and carry your dome tent with you even inside your backpack. However, the price of this tent may increase because many tent suppliers in Qatar tend to apply coatings of silicone, polyurethane, or acrylic on top of the nylon fabric. Nylon dome tents with silicone coating are usually the most expensive. Whereas, those with acrylic coating are on the cheaper side. 

Key Takeaway

Regardless of the type of fabric, you choose for your dome tents in Qatar, it is ultimately the rental company that you should take care of when choosing. Most dome tent rental companies in Qatar have different fabric options but at Jarjour Rental Machinery, you also get valuable customer service. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that whichever dome tent you choose at Jarjour, you will not be disappointed.

What You’ll Need To Set Up An Outdoor Event?

Setting up a special event can be difficult if you do not have the right equipment at your disposal. This is all the more true when you set up outdoor events. Outdoor events have a large degree of risk because of many uncontrollable factors. For example, unpredictable weather conditions, equipment failures, unplanned attendance, etc. However, there are some factors within your control. To ensure that you have things under control for your outdoor event, you need to plan for the worst. This includes making a list of all the equipment that are indispensable to your outdoor event.

To help you plan for a successful outdoor event, we have curated a list of 7 of the most essential equipment you will need for a successful outdoor event.

First thing’s first

When you plan to set up an outdoor event, shelter should be the first item on your list. Since outdoor events can often be the victim of nature’s wrath, renting a tent should be the first thing on your list. There are many different types of tents available, starting from Ramadan and Wedding tents to even TFS Curved tents.

Don’t overlook the essentials

Apart from a tent, the next essential equipment on your list should be a set of Individual Chemical Toilets. These toilets are specially built for outdoor events. They have a collection tank that uses chemicals to minimise any bad odour. Such portable toilets are the second most important item on your list to set up an outdoor event.

Plan for a power outage

You should also plan for the unexpected, like a power outage. When you set up an outdoor event, renting a diesel generator is extremely important. There are many diesel generators available with rental agencies like Jarjour Rental Machinery. You can choose from 100 kVA to even 2000 kVA generators depending on the size of your event.

No event without music

Moreover, no event is complete without music. Renting an audio-visual (AV) system is a must when you set up an outdoor event. Remember to enquire about the price and availability of additional speakers when taking a quotation for such an AV system. It is advisable to have at least one speaker on standby in case of equipment failure. 

Extra cables never hurt

If you have an advanced AV system set up at your outdoor event, odds are you will require additional heavy duty cables. In some cases, your rental provider may not have an abundance of such cables. In such a case, you can rent heavy duty electrical cables from Jarjour Rental Machinery as well. 

Don’t hesitate to plan big

If you are setting up a larger outdoor event, it is always a good idea to have a load sharing panel. Load sharing panels can distribute the electrical load in parallel to many devices and equipment. What’s more, they work just fine with a heavy duty generator as well during times of power outage. 

Let there be light

Finally, if your outdoor event is scheduled after dusk, you should include a set of Portable Light Towers on your list. These are highly portable tower lights that run on a mini diesel generator of their own. Interestingly, the light towers rented out by Jarjour Rental Machinery operate silently. 


With this curated list of equipment, you will never miss out on the essentials when you set up your outdoor event. However, you should remember to take rental quotations from multiple suppliers once you have your list ready. Jarjour Rental Machinery provides the best possible rates in Qatar, along with impeccable service.

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5 Things That Can Go Wrong When Renting A Tent

And how to avoid them.

Hosting events like weddings, private parties, exhibitions, etc. usually have one problem in common – finding a venue. Event organisers often resort to renting a tent to solve this problem. With a tent, you do not need to worry about venue space because you can rent as many tents as required based on your number of attendees. However, even though this may be the best solution, it has its fair share of problems. Many things can go wrong when renting a tent. 

If you are planning on renting a tent for your events, this list of 5 things that can go wrong should help you plan better.

Strong winds are your enemy

The most obvious problem when renting a tent is tackling a windy day. If you have planned to host an event at an exotic desert location, beware of strong desert winds. You should always check the weather forecast before choosing a location to set up your tents. A sandstorm can not only leave your tent dilapidated but also put an end to your event. 

In Anticipation of Precipitation?

Precipitation aka rain may not seem like the first problem you can experience when renting a tent. But it is as problematic as strong winds. Be sure to check the weather forecast for medium to heavy showers. This is because if you have staked your tent on soft soil, then rains can further soften this soil causing your tent stakes to sink into the soil. This will lead to pockets of water forming on the tent’s roof. The accrued weight of this can cause your tent to collapse. 

Avoid shocking surprises 

While most tent rental dealers like Jarjour Rental Machinery are full service, some event organisers may want to set up the rented tents themselves. This is a tedious task that needs to be done with utmost care and caution. As an event organiser, you need to look out for electrical wires when staking the tent. Leaving electrical wires tangled with the guy lines of the tent can often lead to a disaster. Wires could break under tension which could potentially ruin the entire event at the very least.

Inspect every inch

If you opt for the cheapest tent rental, odds are that you would get an old tent that has been used umpteen number of times. Nevertheless, if you prefer to have an event within a tight budget, you should repeatedly inspect the tent you are renting. This is because partially tattered tents can have torn edges or even holes that can expose your guests to the natural elements. To avoid dissatisfying your guests, it is safer to carefully inspect the tent before renting it from the dealer. 

Read every word

Finally, one of the lesser known problems with renting a tent is the conspicuous terms of a rental contract. Renowned rental companies like Jarjour Rental Machinery are transparent and honest in their tent rental contracts. But some others may have hidden terms and conditions. Make sure to read every word on your tent rental contract to avoid any problems when renting a tent for your events.

Looking Ahead

Now that you know about 5 things that can go wrong when renting a tent, you should rely on only the best dealer. Whether it is a wedding tent, party tent, or TFS curved tent, Jarjour Rental Machinery, can help you set up your tent anywhere in Qatar.

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Some Unique Wedding Tent Ideas You Must Know

Your wedding is a special occasion. Planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting events in your life. Weddings are a once in a lifetime event and everyone wants to make their wedding a unique celebration with spectacular and exclusive decor and ambience. 

Wedding tents are decor additions at your wedding that can make your wedding a one of its kind event. Wedding tents draw a look of awe and admiration on each of the guests, making your event even more beautiful and special for you. Whether you plan your wedding indoors or outdoors, wedding tents can be used to enhance the look of the space. Here are some unique wedding tent ideas you can include to make your wedding even more momentous. 

Keeping it Natural

While adopting a tent theme for your wedding, it is a wonderful idea to go natural along with it. Giving the tent a natural look with hanging plants, greenery and a lot of flowers can make your wedding look beautiful. You can choose a colour theme that would blend with your wedding gown or the natural surroundings. Colour is something that can change the very look of your wedding. Select colours that blend with the surroundings or choose a colour theme that will liven the event and its décor. 

Lights where the action is

Using wedding tents for your wedding can make your wedding venue significant and memorable. Lights being added to the tents gives it a romantic touch. You can drape the tent with hanging lights or string lights and lanterns. These lights give a warm and inviting feeling for your special moment. 

Drape Tents

Wedding venues can be made more attractive with the use of drapes in the wedding tents. The fall of the drapes gives a majestic and royal look to the venue. Elegant drapes adorning the ceiling and sides of the tent can lend a delightful and pleasing atmosphere to the wedding venue. Jarjour Rentals, a leading tent supplier in Qatar, offers a wide range of tents for weddings and other special occasions. 

Concentration Points

While designing your unique idea for wedding tents, remember, you can concentrate on any part of the tent to create an endearing decor. For example, you can add wooden flooring to your wedding tent to give the tent a traditional touch. Or you can cover the ceiling with light canvas fabric to give it a simple yet elegant appearance. 

Open Wedding Tents

May sound like an oxymoron but keeping your wedding tent open can also be a wonderful idea if your venue is already at a naturally beautiful location. You can choose to use the tent for shade and cover, while keeping the sides open or partially open so that guests continue to get a view of the outdoors while being seated inside the wedding tent. 

Mixing Styles

A wedding tent offers you the scope to blend styles and trends leading to the most exquisite designs for your wedding occasion. You can blend the light theme with the natural look to result in an elegant contemporary design venue.

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6 Things To Consider Before You Plan An Outdoor Event.

Outdoor events are fun to plan. Not only are you surrounded by nature’s bounty, but you also have umpteen decorative ideas that you can implement. Also, since outdoor events are more spaced out, you can have different themes for different areas of the venue. Unlike indoor events that have limited space and are constrained within four walls. Having said that, planning outdoor events requires more organization and groundwork. It requires careful forethought and meticulous execution. A small hiccup can lead to catastrophic failure of the entire event. Through this article, we have tried to throw light on some of the things you must consider before planning outdoor events. 

Weather forecasts are important.

Do not ignore weather forecasts. You can easily obtain satellite images and forecasts for the week through the internet. Even if there is a slight possibility of rain, do not take the chance. Your entire event will be ruined even if there is a light shower for a few minutes. 

Consider the contour of the land.

If you are hosting your outdoor event in an already existing facility, then you need not worry much. However, if you wish to host an outdoor event in a new area, you might want to consider many factors including the level of the ground. If the ground is uneven then it may be tough for guests to walk, or vehicles to pass. You might want to consider leveling out the ground before the grand event. 

Use tent for outdoor events.

Although you are planning an outdoor event, there is always a need for a shaded area. Most dining areas are covered or shaded with temporary tent installations. Tents also make an outdoor event look more inviting. It is always better to contact professionals for the installation of tents. Jarjour Rental Machinery, known as one of the best companies in Qatar, for tents on hire, will provide you with the best tent options for your event. 


Outdoor events require great planning when it comes to logistics. When we talk of logistics it includes parking lots, lighting, sound systems and other key factors that contribute to making an event successful. Remember to consider water supply, power back up and wiring and cables while planning your event. You can outsource these arrangements to professionals. However, remember to follow up with the resource person to avoid any last-minute confusion. 

Power Backup

Power backup for an outdoor event is always a must. As outdoor spaces are large and in the open, you will need a power source for your lighting arrangements and other electrical fittings around the venue. Renting generators for your outdoor event is a necessity. Generator rental companies, like Jarjour Rental Machinery will ensure that you have one thing less to worry about while planning your outdoor event.

Licenses and Permissions

Outdoor events may be hosted in parks, lawns or public spaces. Remember to always take necessary permits before planning to host the outdoor event. With outdoor events, sound is more audible than when hosted indoors. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain the required permits especially when it comes to timings, sound and lighting arrangements at the venue.

Spare a thought for waste disposal

Outdoor events can get very messy if you have not spared a thought for waste disposal, especially in dining areas with used plates and cups. Make sure you make proper arrangements for the collection and disposal of waste during and after the event

Everything You Need To Know About Warehouse Tents

Warehouse tents are used for various storage and industrial purposes. Warehouse tents are usually large in size but can be customized to the requirements of the client. The question that usually arises is whether warehouse tents are the best option for your business. Let’s look at some of the different types of warehouse tents, its unique features and some of the advantages of using these tents for your personal, industrial and commercial needs. 

Widely Used

Warehouse tents are widely used for industrial purposes. Large and small industries require storage houses or depots to store raw material, finished goods or any other industrial material. Many industries opt for warehouse tents to fulfill their storage needs at the site. Industrial tents can be temporary or permanent structures depending on the needs of the industry. 

Highly Customizable

Again, warehouse tents can be customized according to the requirements of the industry. Clients can choose the size and structure of the tents. Warehouse tents come in various fabrics and types. Clients can opt from several designs and features according to their requirements. Warehouse tents like aluminium and double PVC coated are strong and durable tents that protect the interiors from different weather conditions, fire accidents or any other external factors. 

Warehouse tents come with a wide range of amenities like portable washrooms, drainage system, lighting, temperature control and other furniture and fixtures. Many times, industries such as the food industry and perishable goods industry, may require temperature control, flow of water or other amenities to ensure continuity in the manufacturing process. Warehouse tents can be made to suit the needs of every industry. 

Easy Installation

Warehouse tents can be easily installed without much effort. It is advisable to select a reliable and professional tent installation company like Jarjour Rental Machinery for all your tent installation requirements. 

Versatile Nature

One of the best features of warehouse tents, which makes it the most popular storage option for industries, is that warehouse tents are versatile in nature. That is, apart from being totally customisable by the client, warehouse tents also serve a multitude of purposes. Warehouse tents can be installed on any surface irrespective of the nature of the ground or contour of the land. It can be installed on cemented surfaces as well as grassy lands. This makes it easier for industrialists to opt for warehouse tents as storage houses. 

Light on the pocket

The easy installation of tents also directly impacts the cost of installation and labour involved. The ease of installing warehouse tents brings down the cost drastically. Therefore, opting for warehouse tents can save you time and money. 

Ease of Deconstruction

A unique feature of these tents is that they can be easily dismantled and re-located. Many business practices are not permanent in nature. Construction industry is a perfect example of an industry that is always on the move. Once the building is constructed, the labourers are required to relocate to another construction site. In such cases, warehouses also need to be shifted. Warehouse tents can be easily dismantled and relocated to a new place. The fabric and erection poles and other material are compact and can be folded, packed and relocated in just a few hours, depending on the type of tent installation and its size.

Different Types of Tents

Over the years, tents have undergone a radical change. Whether it is style, fabric, purpose or ease of pitching, the range and types of tents are innumerable. 

The Different Types Of Tents Are Classified Based On Their Purpose. 

Vertical Tent

Vertical tents are called so, because of their almost vertical side walls. These tents provide more head space and are used in camps.

Dome Shaped Tents

Shaped like an igloo, the dome shaped tents are popular among campers. They are easy to install and are light loads for backpackers. 

Tunnel Tent

Shaped like a tunnel, these tents are usually seen being used by the army. They provide ample living space and are erected through several flexible poles. 

A-Frame Tents

A-frame tents are shaped like the alphabet A and hence the name. They are usually supported by 5 poles and have a rectangular base. A-frame tents offer low roofing and are mainly meant for sleeping. 

Pop Up Tents

A latest addition in the different ranges of tents is the pop-up tents. Easy to install because of the instant spring action, pop up tents are light and not suitable for harsh weather conditions. Their popularity lies in its ease of installation. 

Geodesic And Non-Geodesic Tents

An improvised version of the dome tents, the geodesic and non-geodesic tents have multiple poles forming geometric designs to form the tent. The multiple poles give it more stability than a dome shaped tent and hence can withstand harsh conditions. 

Suspended Tents

Completely opposite to ground tents, the suspended tents are usually erected from trees and hang downwards. These tents can be used only if campers or users are sure there are trees around to erect them. At Jarjour, one of the leading tent manufacturers in Qatar, we have a wide range of tents for every occasion. 

Inflatable Tents

The inflatable tents, unlike steel pole erected tents, use air filled poles to support the tents. These tents usually come with air pumps to inflate the poles and erect the tent. They are easy to install and are popular amongst campers. 

Car Roof Tents

These types of tents are increasingly popular amongst people who go for long road trips. They are erected on top of the car roof on roof bars that act as the base of the tent. The tents come with a long ladder that allows users to access the tent from the ground. 

Trailer Tents

Cheaper than caravans, the trailer tents are attached to cars or vans while traveling on the road. They serve the same purpose as caravans and are often preferred by campers during long drives or cross countries. 

Canopy Tents

Usually noticed at carnivals or circus events, the canopy type of tents is easy to install and provide space and shade for events. Most of these tents are used to add aesthetic beauty to a venue.

How to Keep Tents Cool in Summer

Tents are a popular option for hosting events like weddings, exhibitions, corporate events or other social events. Apart from being an aesthetic visual treat, tents are convenient to assemble. Many hosts prefer tents as a viable alternative to halls, auditoriums and conference rooms.

The question now arises- how can you beat the heat in a tent on a hot summer’s day? The sultry mid noon heat can be draining and exhausting. Keeping your tent cool even during this period, can be quite an advantage to your business.

Let’s look at some of the ways to keep a tent cool during the summer season.

Choose the Right Material

The first and foremost factor to consider is the type of material, colour and design of the tent. Be sure to choose light coloured tents that would reflect more heat during the day. Also, tents with large and open doorways can prove to be a great source of ventilation inside the tent. At Jarjour, one of the leading tent suppliers in Qatar, we offer a wide range of tent choices to customers. We highly recommend the canopy style tent for the highest ventilation and cooler effects.

Portable Coolers

Placing portable electric coolers inside the tent is one of the best ways to beat the heat in summer. Portable coolers use the evaporation of water to cool the surroundings


Fitting stand or ceiling fans inside tents can make the tents cooler to a great extent. Fans circulate the air around the rotating blades thereby creating a cool breeze.

Air Conditioners

The inside of tents can be made cooler by fitting air conditioners.

Water Sprinkler System

Many fans are now fitted with water sprinkle systems that spray small droplets of water every now and then. These water droplets not only cool the atmosphere but also gives a refreshing feeling.

Apart from these special types of fans, sprinklers can be placed around the outside of the tent to keep the surface of the tent cool. This cooled tent surface prevents the inside of the tent from heating up.

Water Pools

Another great idea to keep the heat away, especially while using a tent for kid’s parties, is to place portable water pools inside the tent for a little splash every now and then.

Keep Your Cool

All these great ideas to keep your tent cool will not work until you keep your cool too. So, leave the tent logistics to Jarjour machinery rental, while you keep your cool.

What to consider before renting a tent in Qatar?

Tent installations for corporate or private get-togethers enhance the look and prestige of the gatherings. The venue is more appealing when you choose the right type of tent to suit the occasion.

So, how do you choose tents for rent in Qatar that will best suit your requirement? Below, we have enumerated many factors to consider before you consider renting a tent.


The first thing to consider before renting a tent is the type of occasion you want the tent installation for. You must consider if the occasion is formal, semi-formal or for a social get together. The type of occasion will directly have an impact on the type of tent you select.

Tent suppliers in Qatar have different types of tents based on shape, size, material and colour. For example, majlis tents have been a unique part of the Arabs and are mainly used for social gatherings and to give a native look at restaurants and hotels.


Another key factor to consider before tent rental in Qatar is the location of your event. Every location will have its own limitations and constraints. It is necessary to inform your tent supplier in advance about the location. This will enable your tent supplier to suggest the best tent for that location.

Informing your tent supplier of the location also gives information about the terrain of the place. The terrain may be uneven or have soft soil. Your tent supplier will be well prepared, in advance, while installing your tent.

Size of Gathering

The size of your gathering will affect your tent rental in Qatar. Remember to keep in mind buffet arrangements and stage requirements while considering the size of your gathering and tent.


Weather plays an important role while deciding on tent rental. It is a good idea to consider erecting a strong tent that can withstand adverse weather conditions. For example, TFT curved tents are gaining popularity because of their strong and durable features. These tents are used in locations that are prone to strong winds and rain. These tents are easy to erect and dismantle.

The Reputation of Tent Supplier

One of the most important factors to consider before hiring tents for rent is choosing the best tent suppliers in Qatar. While assessing tent suppliers, look for:

  • Experience
  • Responsiveness
  • Services offered
  • Price quotes
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Other company policies

Jarjour machinery rental is considered as one of the top tent rental companies in Qatar. For all tent supply and installation work contact us.

Tips for Tent Camping in Qatar

The word camping itself is exciting and thrilling. The thought of spending a night or two under a tent, amidst nature can be an exhilarating experience. A change from the bustling city life for many. 

To make your camping experience a memorable one, it is necessary to ensure a hassle-free tenting installation in Qatar. Below we have detailed a few points that can help you experience an exhilarating camping trip. 

Read Instructions Carefully

Before opening out your tent, it is advisable to read the instructions carefully. Reading instructions beforehand gives you a head start when it comes to setting up the tent. You do not want to fall into a situation where you have to undo a step because you forgot to follow an important instruction. Tent installation in Qatar can be made easy and smooth just by following simple instructions. 

Practice Makes Man Perfect

As the saying goes “Practice makes man perfect,” you can practice setting up your tent at home before trying it out for the first time at the campsite. However, make sure you pack it up well without leaving out an essential part or accessory. 

Practicing to set up your tent before the actual camping trip, saves your time at the campsite. With this practice, you will be a pro in installation of tents.

Browse the Campsite Location on The Internet

With technology so advanced, you can actually have a 3D vision of your campsite much before you visit the place. Although, you might consider viewing the campsite online, a big spoiler for your trip, it may be a good idea to view it, to check the terrain of the campsite and what kind of skills you will need to use to install the tent. 

Making the Tent Your Portable Home

Camping can be a wonderful experience, especially if you are well prepared. Making your tent a portable home with all the essentials is one of the best ways to make your tent experience enjoyable. What you consider as part of the essentials would be solely at your discretion. It could include pre packed meals, toilet rolls, bed padding or a torch. Our advice is to travel with essentials but travel light. 

Mother Nature May Change Her Mind

The weather conditions seem perfect for your tent installation. However, never be too sure of mother nature’s temperament. Always pack waterproofing material for yourself and your tent at all times. 

Also, while setting up your tent make sure you install the doorway of the tent away from the wind direction. This prevents extra pressure on the poles of the tent

Pack it up the right way

To ensure the best camping trip ever, it is essential to pack up well from the site. Tent folding can be a laborious process if you do not follow the dismantling and folding instructions. Remember to follow tent dismantling instructions just as well as you followed the installation process. 

Leaving campsites clean and neat is an essential part of camping. Cleaning up waste and litter from the site is your contribution to the environment. A clean environment is a happy place.