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Tents are a popular option for hosting events like weddings, exhibitions, corporate events or other social events. Apart from being an aesthetic visual treat, tents are convenient to assemble. Many hosts prefer tents as a viable alternative to halls, auditoriums and conference rooms.

The question now arises- how can you beat the heat in a tent on a hot summer’s day? The sultry mid noon heat can be draining and exhausting. Keeping your tent cool even during this period, can be quite an advantage to your business.

Let’s look at some of the ways to keep a tent cool during the summer season.

Choose the Right Material

The first and foremost factor to consider is the type of material, colour and design of the tent. Be sure to choose light coloured tents that would reflect more heat during the day. Also, tents with large and open doorways can prove to be a great source of ventilation inside the tent. At Jarjour, one of the leading tent suppliers in Qatar, we offer a wide range of tent choices to customers. We highly recommend the canopy style tent for the highest ventilation and cooler effects.

Portable Coolers

Placing portable electric coolers inside the tent is one of the best ways to beat the heat in summer. Portable coolers use the evaporation of water to cool the surroundings


Fitting stand or ceiling fans inside tents can make the tents cooler to a great extent. Fans circulate the air around the rotating blades thereby creating a cool breeze.

Air Conditioners

The inside of tents can be made cooler by fitting air conditioners.

Water Sprinkler System

Many fans are now fitted with water sprinkle systems that spray small droplets of water every now and then. These water droplets not only cool the atmosphere but also gives a refreshing feeling.

Apart from these special types of fans, sprinklers can be placed around the outside of the tent to keep the surface of the tent cool. This cooled tent surface prevents the inside of the tent from heating up.

Water Pools

Another great idea to keep the heat away, especially while using a tent for kid’s parties, is to place portable water pools inside the tent for a little splash every now and then.

Keep Your Cool

All these great ideas to keep your tent cool will not work until you keep your cool too. So, leave the tent logistics to Jarjour machinery rental, while you keep your cool.

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