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Accommodation tents are a versatile and useful type of temporary shelter that can be used in a variety of situations including camping, disaster relief, military operations, and outdoor events. It can be made from a variety of materials, including canvas, nylon, and polyester, and they come in a range of sizes and styles. They provide a convenient and affordable way to create a private sleeping space or sheltered area, and can be quickly deployed for disaster relief or military operations. With their many uses and customizable features, accommodation tents are an excellent option for anyone in need of temporary shelter.


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Generators Rental & Hire

The first and biggest dealer of generators, with a diverse range of high-end machines to deliver a quality of service.

Cables Rental

We provide and offer a wide range of copper cables which is used in power generation, power transmission…

Diesel Supplies

All multi-sized fuel storage tanks that we offer are heavy duty and comply with the highest safety standards and regulations.


Rent our heavy-duty, powerful Trucks and Lorries, capable of carrying up to 20 tons of mass…

Load Sharing Panel

Generators, when put to operate in parallel, lot of configurations can be utilized. This is called “Synchronization”.

Modular Structures & Cabins

Experts in the design and installation of modular cabins for a range of offices, welfare, booths or accommodation applications.

Sanitation Units

A variety of supply of portable ablutions and showers to our clients in Qatar, quick deployment.

Fence, Hoarding & Crowed Barriers

Fencing of all types, wood, steel, hoarding, and crowd barriers for any site or event.

Mobile Lighting

Ready to install ad illuminate large areas of any site in local or remote areas. Let there be light!

Welding Equipment

Welding machines, diesel, and electrical, in various industrial specifications ready to be moved to any remote site.

Lifts Rental

Mobile lifts for easy access to your site. We have scissor lifts and main lift ready to be deployed.

Mobile Lighting

Ready to install ad illuminate large areas of any site in local or remote areas. Let there be light!