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The first and biggest dealer of generators, with a diverse range of high-end machines to deliver a quality of service.

Jarjour Rental Machinery offers you to Hire and Rent Generators for a short or long term with the best competitive prices in the market, where we guarantee a healthy and smooth operation to cover all your power needs until your project is successfully accomplished.

Generators Hire | Jarjour Rental Machinery

  • 100 KVA Generators
  • 380 KVA Sound proof Diesel Generators
  • 400 KVA DG Sets
  • 1500 KVA Genset
  • 600 KVA Generators
  • 2000W Generators

Diesel Fuel Generators


Diesel is the least flammable of all the fuel sources, and is almost as readily available as gasoline. These engines have long lifespans, and perform more efficiently while lasting longer under heavy and rigorous use, as long as properly maintained. Diesel Generators are affordable to operate, and start relatively easily in cold environments.

Jarjour Rental Rental provides both temporary and emergency/backup diesel generator rentals for all industries including construction sites, warehouses, restaurants & hospitality, data centers, Oil and Gas, Marine, exhibitions, and special events.

Our Diesel generator rental fleet start from 300 kva – 2500kva. We provide high quality multi megawatt temporary solutions and delivered on time wherever required. Our Diesel Generators in Qatar are deilivered directly to your site any time of the day.

The Diesel Generators offer power for both short, or long term. Our generator rental solutions include installation and on-site maintenance based on the client’s requirement. we rent generators for weekly, monthly or yearly basis. We make sure your projects keep running by providing you with powerful diesel generators anywhere in Qatar. Our diesel generators are the best in the industry and have safety components to ensure peoople working on the project as well as all your equipment safe.

If you are looking to hire diesel generators on rent that can give you maximum performance, power, fuel efficiency and flexibility, Jarjour Rental Machiary is the best diesel generator rental you can count on. Our experienced teams assess your requirement and design the optimum power supply model for your requirement. We rent out diesel generators from top brands like Cummins, perkins, scania to make sure your project is uninterrupted.

Diesel Fuel Generators | Jarjour Rental

  • 100kva Generator on Rent in Qatar
  • 380 KVA Sound proof Diesel Generator Rentals in Doha Qatar
  • 400 KVA DG sets for rent in Qatar
  • 1500 kva Genset for rental in Qatar
  • 600 kva generator rental in Qatar
  • 2000w generator in Qatar

Our Generator Brands

Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta provides industrial power generators with unmatched load acceptance. These generators are efficient and offer high performance outputs. Volvo Penta generators are known for their reliable and dependable performance.

Among our other generators, Cummins generators are a popular choice. Cummins generators are high powered generators used for commercial as well as residential needs. Cummins generators are known for their superior design and cost effectiveness.

Renting and hiring Generators is made easy with the wide range of brands available at Jarjour Rental Machinery. Perkins generators are manufactured with an experience of more than 85 years. They are reliable generators used as a prime source of power or even as a stand by generators.

With a wide range of generators to choose from, Perkins generators are suitable for numerous industrial and residential needs

From the renowned Swedish company comes the popular brand Scania, for generators. Scania generators are known to be efficient and durable. Scania generators require minimum maintenance.

Why Hire Our Generators on Rent?

Extensive range to rent

We have at our disposal an extensive range of Generators from 250 kva to 2500 kva

Well Maintained and Easy to Manage

As a leading generator supplier in Qatar, we ensure that our generators are very well maintained and easy to manage, we provide you with personal to manage the Generators.

Cost Effective Rental Plans

Our rental plans are budget-friendly and are optimally priced for high-quality generators. We also provide generators for any duration

Easy to Maintain

Our generators are updated, ready to install and require minimum effort for maintenance.

Environment Friendly

Our range of generators releases fewer greenhouse gases, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Experienced Team

Our staff are specialized in working with generators and can assist our clients with all their queries.

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