Load Sharing Panel

Generators, when put to operate in parallel, lot of configurations can be utilized. This is called “Synchronization”.

Generators can serve larger power demands when used in parallel applications. Such applications are usually required and implemented in huge facilities where the operations are critical and require a back-up power supply, like mass data centres and governmental institutions.

Load Sharing Generators | Jarjour Rental

Distribution Board

At Jarjour Rental Machinery, we are fully committed and always strive to bring you the best in the market when it comes to supplying Industrial Generators and Load Sharing Panels.

  • Synchronize Multi-capacity panels
  • Changeover Multi-capacity panels
  • DB Multi-capacity panels

Distribution Board | Jarjour Rental Machinery

Automatic Changeover

We master the mechanism of the automation of synchronization. Our automatic changeover system allows auto-switching between power supplies to avoid any interruption in case of failure in any of the power supplies.

Automatic Changeover System

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Our technical team are experts planners for switch panel boards to implement the best distribution of the power supply.

To avoid any disconnection automatic and manual changeover are available to secure a continuous power supply for your porjects.

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