Get your hands on the most modern, practical, and various choices of cabins available in multi-sizes, including:

  • Office Porte Cabins
  • Shower Porte Cabins
  • VIP Toilet Porte Cabins
  • Regular Toilet Porte Cabins


Accommodation & Welfare

A range of modular accommodation and welfare customizable solutions for any site requirement.

  • Air-conditioned
  • A full range of furniture and fittings available, simple or luxurious
  • Ready to use on delivery following the fast deployment

Ticketing & Guard Booth

An event or a site always requires centralized access, we provide:

  • Ticketing booth for your events in various sizes
  • Guardian booth for your other sites

All the booths are of high-quality design and standards and come with various sizes and types of equipment depending on the requirement and usability.

Request your modular structure today!

Our technical & design team are expert planners for modular structures based on your requirement for accommodations or type of event.

Your request is available and ready to be deployed act now!