Jarjour Rental is one of the best tent rental companies in Qatar. We deal with a wide range of tents in various sizes, shapes, dimensions, and structures. We provide the best custom tents and marquees for events, exhibitions, corporate functions, and sports events. Tents and Arabic Majlis renting is also available for Ramadan – Iftar, Wedding and other events.

Our most famous robust and reliable tents are built with strong aluminum frames covered with a PVC synthetic skin. These are self-supporting aluminium structures that rest on galvanised steel baseplates. The stability for the aluminum tent is ensured using wind bracing. The roof and gable fabrics are made of high-quality, PVC coated polyester fabric.

With our commitment to offer premium quality at the best prices we are encouraged to see our client’s satisfaction with our tents. Being one of the best tent suppliers in Qatar, we aim to offer the finest quality tents.

Aluminum Tents Rental | Jarjour RentalTent Installation in Qatar:

Aluminium Tents is the perfect solution for any business in need of a functional, flexible, and temporary storage building. A functional, economic attractive alternative to permanent structures with an intelligent construction for quick assembly. The Aluminium Tent can be used all year round and can be disassembled and moved if necessary.

Before the tent is dispatched for installation, our supervisors keenly inspect every piece and element. All our tent fabric goes through an extensive testing procedure where the team examines every fabric roll for different properties such as water resistance, abrasion resistance, color quality, and weight.

Our tents are supported by an aluminum skeleton around the edge. Aluminium Tents have Clear span no central pole, which means clear space inside the marquee and an unobstructed view for guests. Installation on any surface including hard surfaces like sand, gravel, and concrete. The frame marquees will be secured to the ground with weights instead of pegs though pegs are used where possible and are advisable in severe winds.

Majlis Tents Rental | Jarjour Rental Machinery Tent Durability:

In scorching heat exposure in Qatar, tent color fade away quickly. For this reason, it is ensured that the fabric rolls have the strength and color resistance to sunlight exposure for prolonged duration. We have a stringent quality criterion to follow, so as to ensure every piece and elements such as webbing, zippers, fasteners, and poles have passed the quality standards.

At Jarjour Rentals, we strive to offer you the best structures and tent solutions for every purposes across Qatar. Jarjour Rentals has built a reputation as one of the reliable tent supplier in Qatar by offering a unique standard of service through the integration of development, production and assembly departments.

We are known as one of the best PVC tents manufacturers and suppliers in Qatari. Our market competitive prices also gives you the the best price for renting. Our area of expertise spans accorss different type of tent shade structures in Qatar. Our tents are used for various purposes. Some of the tents that we manufacturers includes,

  • Labor Tents
  • Warehouse Tents
  • Storage Tents
  • Majlis Tents
  • Arabic Tents
  • Medical Tents
  • Ramadan Tents
  • Canopy Tents
  • Tent Shade Structures

Benefits of our tents

  • Provides protection from harsh and unpredictable weather
  • Waterproof
  • Comes in many different sizes and shapes
  • More room for guests to move around
  • Transparent aluminium tents give natural light and a more natural feel
  • Can be set up with weights on grounds that do not allow pinning like tennis courts
  • Can have different floorings on the level ground

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