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Your wedding is a special occasion. Planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting events in your life. Weddings are a once in a lifetime event and everyone wants to make their wedding a unique celebration with spectacular and exclusive decor and ambience. 

Wedding tents are decor additions at your wedding that can make your wedding a one of its kind event. Wedding tents draw a look of awe and admiration on each of the guests, making your event even more beautiful and special for you. Whether you plan your wedding indoors or outdoors, wedding tents can be used to enhance the look of the space. Here are some unique wedding tent ideas you can include to make your wedding even more momentous. 

Keeping it Natural

While adopting a tent theme for your wedding, it is a wonderful idea to go natural along with it. Giving the tent a natural look with hanging plants, greenery and a lot of flowers can make your wedding look beautiful. You can choose a colour theme that would blend with your wedding gown or the natural surroundings. Colour is something that can change the very look of your wedding. Select colours that blend with the surroundings or choose a colour theme that will liven the event and its décor. 

Lights where the action is

Using wedding tents for your wedding can make your wedding venue significant and memorable. Lights being added to the tents gives it a romantic touch. You can drape the tent with hanging lights or string lights and lanterns. These lights give a warm and inviting feeling for your special moment. 

Drape Tents

Wedding venues can be made more attractive with the use of drapes in the wedding tents. The fall of the drapes gives a majestic and royal look to the venue. Elegant drapes adorning the ceiling and sides of the tent can lend a delightful and pleasing atmosphere to the wedding venue. Jarjour Rentals, a leading tent supplier in Qatar, offers a wide range of tents for weddings and other special occasions. 

Concentration Points

While designing your unique idea for wedding tents, remember, you can concentrate on any part of the tent to create an endearing decor. For example, you can add wooden flooring to your wedding tent to give the tent a traditional touch. Or you can cover the ceiling with light canvas fabric to give it a simple yet elegant appearance. 

Open Wedding Tents

May sound like an oxymoron but keeping your wedding tent open can also be a wonderful idea if your venue is already at a naturally beautiful location. You can choose to use the tent for shade and cover, while keeping the sides open or partially open so that guests continue to get a view of the outdoors while being seated inside the wedding tent. 

Mixing Styles

A wedding tent offers you the scope to blend styles and trends leading to the most exquisite designs for your wedding occasion. You can blend the light theme with the natural look to result in an elegant contemporary design venue.

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