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Jarjour Rental Machinery

Generators are used as the main source of power or a standby / backup power supply. The use of generators has increased over the years because of the increase in demand for power. Almost every household and industry uses generators. Generators being machines are not error free. They often break down or do not work to the maximum capacity. However, these problems can easily be overcome with the right solutions management. 

Common generator problems can easily be tended to without much investment and hiccups. Here are some of the common reasons generators usually break down along with simple solutions to tackle them.

Insufficient Fuel

Generators run on fuel. Without sufficient fuel, generators may not start. Fuel leakage could also be one of the reasons for insufficient fuel in the generator. Checking the level of fuel in the generator before powering it on is an essential practice. 

Fuel leakage can be due to human error of pump system failure. Check on the level of fuel and for any possible fuel leakage or spillage before powering the machine. 

Battery Failure

One of the most common generator problems is the issue of battery failure. Many batteries fail due to natural wear and tear or loose connections to the battery. Keep a tab of battery replacement and warranty period. Also check, tighten and clean all battery connections to and from the battery for best results.

Low Level Of Coolant

Overheating of the generator is one of the biggest generator problems. Overheating of the machine could be due to the low level of coolant. The coolant is the fluid that keeps the machine at an optimum temperature by dispersing heat throughout. It prevents the generator from overheating and freezing. Check for the level of coolant before operating the machine.

Pest Infestation

As generators are placed outdoors, they remain unprotected from rodents and other pests. Many times, generators do not perform because of connecting cables and lines being chewed or bitten off by wild pests. Make sure the machines are well protected from rodents and pests. 

Harsh Weather Conditions

Generator machines are exposed to harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Generators exposed to the sky can result in rusting and peeling off of the surfaces. Regularly keep a check on the generator for any damage due to weather.

Wet Stacking

A common generator problem is wet stacking. Wet stacking is a form of fluid leakage. It is caused when certain generator fluids like unburned oil, fuel and water stack up in the exhaust system and drip out. This causes inefficiency in the output of the generator. You can easily prevent wet stacking by constantly checking on exhaust temperatures. 

For the most optimum and efficient functioning of generators it is essential to understand some of the most common problems and steps to overcome these problems. As one of the most trusted names for generator rental and hire in Qatar, Jarjour Machinery offers a range of Generators for household and industrial use. 

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