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Jarjour Rental Machinery

Tents are temporary structures that are used for various purposes. Made from fabric and installed using pipes and frames, tents are among the most versatile sheltered structures. 

While tents in Qatar are mainly used to house guests in public and private spaces, accommodation tents are also reliable for longer periods of stay. Here are some of the top five uses of accommodation tents in Qatar. 

Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

With a booming economy, Qatar is regarded as one of the most attractive destinations for companies and industries. For this purpose, exhibitions and trade fairs are often hosted in the city. These expositions attract thousands of guests from all over the world. Tents are one of the most attractive and preferred structures for exhibition venues. The ease of installation and versatile nature of tents makes it possible to design the perfect sheltered space for trade fairs and shows.

Military purposes

Tents are also widely used in army bases and military camps. Portable and easy to install, tents can serve as easy and comfortable accommodation units for army personnel. Using accommodation tents in Qatar can serve as the best choice for use in emergency situations. Accommodation tents in the army can be easily transported from one base to another. 

Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry thrives on the use of tents, especially for outdoor activities. These tents provide comfortable living conditions with modern amenities. Accommodation tents in Qatar are widely used for desert safari adventures and outdoor camping sites. Hotels within the city also make use of accommodation tents for romantic dining spaces or recreational rooms. The hospitality industry hires tents for boarding and lodging purposes. Hiring tents from the best tent rental companies like Jarjour Rental machinery in Qatar can maximise your sales and increase customer satisfaction. 

Emergency Temporary Structures

The recent pandemic that struck the world, saw the increasing use of tents as makeshift hospitals and health care centres. Tents can easily be constructed without significant planning. Also, the large accommodative space in tents proved to be a significant advantage during emergency situations. Qatar was able to significantly control the impact of the pandemic due to the availability of timely medical facilities.

Weddings and Social Events

Tents are commonly used for social gatherings like weddings and official parties. Tents are versatile and can be decorated to suit the theme of the occasion. The interiors of tents can be furnished and designed to look attractive. Tents for weddings and special occasions are not an uncommon sight in Qatar. Wedding tents are popular because of the availability of large unrestricted spaces with shelter and shade and adaptable decor. 


While tents have versatile uses, they are also easy to install and economical to erect. Hiring accommodation tents from a leading company like Jarjour Rental Machinery in Qatar can solve all your outdoor structural needs. From living spaces to dining areas and wedding venues, accommodation tents can be structured to suit a multitude of purposes. 

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