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Tent installations for corporate or private get-togethers enhance the look and prestige of the gatherings. The venue is more appealing when you choose the right type of tent to suit the occasion.

So, how do you choose tents for rent in Qatar that will best suit your requirement? Below, we have enumerated many factors to consider before you consider renting a tent.


The first thing to consider before renting a tent is the type of occasion you want the tent installation for. You must consider if the occasion is formal, semi-formal or for a social get together. The type of occasion will directly have an impact on the type of tent you select.

Tent suppliers in Qatar have different types of tents based on shape, size, material and colour. For example, majlis tents have been a unique part of the Arabs and are mainly used for social gatherings and to give a native look at restaurants and hotels.


Another key factor to consider before tent rental in Qatar is the location of your event. Every location will have its own limitations and constraints. It is necessary to inform your tent supplier in advance about the location. This will enable your tent supplier to suggest the best tent for that location.

Informing your tent supplier of the location also gives information about the terrain of the place. The terrain may be uneven or have soft soil. Your tent supplier will be well prepared, in advance, while installing your tent.

Size of Gathering

The size of your gathering will affect your tent rental in Qatar. Remember to keep in mind buffet arrangements and stage requirements while considering the size of your gathering and tent.


Weather plays an important role while deciding on tent rental. It is a good idea to consider erecting a strong tent that can withstand adverse weather conditions. For example, TFT curved tents are gaining popularity because of their strong and durable features. These tents are used in locations that are prone to strong winds and rain. These tents are easy to erect and dismantle.

The Reputation of Tent Supplier

One of the most important factors to consider before hiring tents for rent is choosing the best tent suppliers in Qatar. While assessing tent suppliers, look for:

  • Experience
  • Responsiveness
  • Services offered
  • Price quotes
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Other company policies

Jarjour machinery rental is considered as one of the top tent rental companies in Qatar. For all tent supply and installation work contact us.

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