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Setting up a special event can be difficult if you do not have the right equipment at your disposal. This is all the more true when you set up outdoor events. Outdoor events have a large degree of risk because of many uncontrollable factors. For example, unpredictable weather conditions, equipment failures, unplanned attendance, etc. However, there are some factors within your control. To ensure that you have things under control for your outdoor event, you need to plan for the worst. This includes making a list of all the equipment that are indispensable to your outdoor event.

To help you plan for a successful outdoor event, we have curated a list of 7 of the most essential equipment you will need for a successful outdoor event.

First thing’s first

When you plan to set up an outdoor event, shelter should be the first item on your list. Since outdoor events can often be the victim of nature’s wrath, renting a tent should be the first thing on your list. There are many different types of tents available, starting from Ramadan and Wedding tents to even TFS Curved tents.

Don’t overlook the essentials

Apart from a tent, the next essential equipment on your list should be a set of Individual Chemical Toilets. These toilets are specially built for outdoor events. They have a collection tank that uses chemicals to minimise any bad odour. Such portable toilets are the second most important item on your list to set up an outdoor event.

Plan for a power outage

You should also plan for the unexpected, like a power outage. When you set up an outdoor event, renting a diesel generator is extremely important. There are many diesel generators available with rental agencies like Jarjour Rental Machinery. You can choose from 100 kVA to even 2000 kVA generators depending on the size of your event.

No event without music

Moreover, no event is complete without music. Renting an audio-visual (AV) system is a must when you set up an outdoor event. Remember to enquire about the price and availability of additional speakers when taking a quotation for such an AV system. It is advisable to have at least one speaker on standby in case of equipment failure. 

Extra cables never hurt

If you have an advanced AV system set up at your outdoor event, odds are you will require additional heavy duty cables. In some cases, your rental provider may not have an abundance of such cables. In such a case, you can rent heavy duty electrical cables from Jarjour Rental Machinery as well. 

Don’t hesitate to plan big

If you are setting up a larger outdoor event, it is always a good idea to have a load sharing panel. Load sharing panels can distribute the electrical load in parallel to many devices and equipment. What’s more, they work just fine with a heavy duty generator as well during times of power outage. 

Let there be light

Finally, if your outdoor event is scheduled after dusk, you should include a set of Portable Light Towers on your list. These are highly portable tower lights that run on a mini diesel generator of their own. Interestingly, the light towers rented out by Jarjour Rental Machinery operate silently. 


With this curated list of equipment, you will never miss out on the essentials when you set up your outdoor event. However, you should remember to take rental quotations from multiple suppliers once you have your list ready. Jarjour Rental Machinery provides the best possible rates in Qatar, along with impeccable service.

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